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What Chiropractic care can do for you?

chiro-imageChiropractic: The use of the practitioners hands to induce a high velocity, low amplitude thrust to the patients spine, removing vertebral subluxation complex. What does that mean? That is a valid question, and once explained, you will wonder why you haven’t been adjusted until now, and/or you will run out and tell everyone you know they need to see a chiropractor.

The adjustment, is when the chiropractor after determining which spinal segments are out of alignment, uses his or her hands(or in some cases a mechanical aid) to push the misaligned bone or vertebrae back into proper alignment. The muscles surrounding these affected areas are usually in a state of spasm, and this is where other modalities such as massage, interferential or therapeutic ultrasound become very useful, as they reduce the spasm in the muscle(s). Most of the time, removing the subluxation, which is the misalignment of the vertebrae, is a progression, meaning it will probably take several adjustments to achieve. It would be wonderful if it was “one and done” situation, but when trying to correct a problem, that has possibly been there for years, it’s not usually reality.

Removal of the subluxation can have several effects on the body. Getting rid of pain is probably the most well known, as pain is usually the motivating force for people to seek chiropractic care in the first place. BUT, there are other benefits of adjusting and maintaining proper alignment. Proper alignment can keep osteoarthritis from setting in, in the affected joints. It can also have effects elsewhere in the body, if there are problems arising DUE TO a subluxation. Please CLICK HERE to see a Nervous System Chart.

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