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This is the story of JP, Jason Phillips. We are documenting everything with this journey to better health. It’s not just about weight loss. It’s not just about getting stronger. It’s about living a happier, healthier life.

11/11/13 DAY 1 – Today was weigh-in day.

11/13/13 DAY 2 – Weight down to 220.4, but bodyfat up to 30.5%. Don’t panic!!! This is due to the fact that JP was dehydrated. TBW on the above slip was 116.4, and it was 112.2lbs on this day. BAD JP!!! Gotta drink that water!

11/15/13 DAY 4– Well weight was slightly up, 222.0, but hydration was up, driving bodyfat down to 29.6% from the 30.5%. This first week is going to be a rollercoaster.

11/18/13 DAY 7 – Tonight will be interesting. JP and I had a good counseling session on Saturday. The tape will tell. 🙂

11/19/13 DAY 8 – This is Jason’s slip at the end of his first week. d97a77eeb5e6aab655d39c3e36ab41b0Nice work!!! We will be posting a video, explaining a bit about Jason’s story soon.
The % body fat is actually lower than what the tape reads d/t slight dehydration. The total weight lost in pounds is 5.4, and taking water levels into consideration, 4.2 lbs of that loss was in fat. And THAT is how it works when done properly. Jason will have to elaborate on how he feels. 🙂

11/20/13 DAY 9 – Here’s a video Jason shot, lolol. Good times, good times!

11/26/13 DAY 15 – Sorry about the slacking. Here’s Jason’s tape from 11/25/13.6b9d2358af6f2d9d7ba74607eb20dc2a
Notice Jason has lost a total of 5.6 lbs, most of which was fat loss and his %body fat is at it’s lowest. 2.8 lbs/week is perfect. Can you lose weight quicker? Sure, and you’ll probably gain it back too. We are learning for a lifetime here. Good job Jason, and Happy Birthday!!!


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