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Welcome to Bucky’s Bees

buckysbees21Bucky’s Bees was started in 2014 by Dr. Pat Kolashinski and his wife Lisa. Fueled by an intense concern for our environment, and the loss of honey bee’s world wide, and desire to keep their own bees, Dr. Pat and Lisa embarked on this adventure. They bought bees and all the necessary equipment to get started and haven’t looked back. Providing a safe environment for the bee’s, starts at home. The bee yard, which is where the bee colonies are kept, is pesticide free, as are the neighbor’s yards. This helps insure the health of the individual bee, as well as, the health of the colonies. The colonies are the individual hives, kind of like bee cities. This emphasis on bee health, keeps the bees happy, and happy bees make great honey.

Speaking of honey, the honey from Bucky’s Bees is 100% raw. It is heated only to approximately 100 degrees F, to make it slightly more filterable. This also keeps all the good things about raw honey intact, so it’s actually good for you, and indeed is used medicinally around the world. Locally produced raw honey is the best. For our purposes, and to potentially help with allergies for instance, local means produced within 100 miles of where you live. That way the bees are producing honey from local plant sources.

A couple of more things you may be interested in. Honey can help you sleep. For one thing it helps tryptophan enter the brain more easily. Most of us know about tryptophan from Thanksgiving turkey dinner! Also, not to get too technical, but if you consume a spoonful of honey right before laying down to sleep, the honey helps keep the brain from releasing the stress hormones adrenalin and CORTISOL. Cortisol may be familiar as the stress hormone some believe to be responsible for stubborn belly fat. Hey, why not kill two birds with one stone?!?! One last thing, honey helps the liver convert glucose to glycogen. Well what does that mean? It helps replenish glycogen stores in the muscle, which helps in recuperation after workouts. Of course being natures ‘perfect’ sugar, it can also give a carb boost prior to working out as well.

Honey is a wonderful natural food. Don’t you want to try some?

Patrick J. Kolashinski, DC
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